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Abdulrazaq Abdulnaser – UAE

I came to the UK from UAE to study the English course at LEC and to improve my speaking and listening skills before going to study in university. I think living in the Liverpool is easy and people friendly. I have also a met a good group of friends at LEC.



Adriana Sobral - Brazil

When I was in Brazil my English was terrible at all but after two months here to study at Liverpool English Centre my English has improved so much better. The teachers and staff are very good and we can get so many international friends.

Giulio Fabio - Italy

Studying in the UK can support my ambition for my career. I have come all the way from Italy to study at LEC and I think that studying in the UK will support my ambition in my career and have a lasting impact on communicating in English.


Over the last 5 years Liverpool English Centre has welcomed students from a total of 49 different countries. Students attending courses at LEC experience a totally immersive teaching environment since English is used to communicate both inside and outside of the classroom.

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